Savannah was born in Nashville, Tennessee but spent most of her young life growing up with her brother and three sisters in Memphis. Following her graduation from high school, Savannah attended Christian Brothers University after which she began working as a legal assistant in a boutique family law firm in Memphis. During her two years working in family law Savannah gained invaluable experience working with clients from all different backgrounds who were facing some of life’s greatest challenges. Whether working to protect a client from domestic violence, assisting clients who were struggling with addiction, or serving as an assistant to attorneys who were appointed by the Court to protect young children from sexual and physical abuse or neglect, Savannah’s compassion and empathy only grew. In 2021, Savannah was unexpectedly recruited by a large retail chain to join their management team in Silverthorne, Colorado. While hesitant about making such a drastic career change, the idea of living in beautiful Summit County was an opportunity she could not pass up. After moving to Silverthorne in 2021, it did not take long for Savannah to realize that she needed to return to the work that she had found such a natural passion for while working in the family law firm in Memphis. Fortunately, Savannah found a perfect fit with the Summit County Advocate group where her experience and empathy are put to good use every day in advocating and assisting the most vulnerable members of the Summit County community.

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